Some of the Best Chiropractic Schools

Some of the most professional and trained chiropractors in the country attended the best chiropractic schools that launched their careers and allowed them to succeed in the health care industry. Based on one’s personal health care philosophy and specialized interests, there are many universities across the country that work to equip students with successful careers as they work to improve the health needs of the society.

National University of Health Sciences – Lombard, IL

At National University of Health Sciences, students have been trained in chiropractic treatment and philosophy since 1906, learning to perform adjustments, provide supplements and vitamins, along with diagnose different symptoms and conditions. This private school is known for being one of the best chiropractic schools as it also offers certificates in massage therapy and for chiropractic assistants. This university has an extensive history after moving many times and growing as a school, even planting a sister school in Florida. Those looking to broaden their education beyond chiropractic care for a more well-rounded education can study acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and naturopathic medicine at the university.

New York Chiropractic College – Seneca Falls, NY

Known as being one of the leading colleges in natural healthcare, New York Chiropractic College, dating back to 1919 when it was originally founded. The college has almost a dozen memberships, including Empire State Advantage, Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and American Society of Quality. The school is also known for its alumni, Karyn Marshall, who is an Olympic Weightlifter and practicing chiropractor in the state of New Jersey. It has a total of five clinics that are primarily based in New York, along with clinical outreach to Veterans Administration Medical Centers.

NYCC is known for its progressive curriculum and advanced technology, providing opportunities to its graduates through its connections and reputation.

Life University – Atlanta, GA

Life University is most known for offering a wide variety of undergraduate programs, but is most notable for its chiropractic doctorate degree program. It’s a younger university amongst its competitors, founded in 1974 with only 22 students in attendance. It has now grown to be one of the best chiropractic schools in the country, accredited for its chiropractic degree program by the Commission on Accreditation of the Council on Chiropractic Education. Many favor this university because it’s more philosophy-based with its chiropractic education with an alternative mindset, pushing students to think past medicine in terms of overall health.

Sherman College of Chiropractic – Greenville, SC

This University is better known for its selfless approach to medicine, equipping students to practice chiropractic care to help heal patients by preventing the use of medicine and surgery. The student body spans over 37 states and 16 countries on one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Founded in 1973, the private school focuses on increasing students’ talents and skills with chiropractic care so it can improve the health of each patient. The school stays true to the basics, while also helping students to understand how to run a successful and beneficial practice.

Cleveland Chiropractic College – Overland Park, KS

Cleveland Chiropractic College may be known for its stunning views just as much as its success in training and educating chiropractors. Instead of producing students who are workaholics, the school prides itself in having a career that brings joy to the individual, along with the people they help. In the first trimester, students begin hands-on training with a balance in the basics of chiropractic care and scientific studies. The university has been established for over 80 years, known for making an effort to provide personal attention to each student based on its small size. The curriculum also equips each student with plenty of tools and knowledge to pass the National Boards. The school is also based in Los Angeles, CA.

Southern California University of Health Sciences – Whittier, CA

Based in Whittier, CA, this university was founded in 1911 and works to provide hands-on experience and training to its students. It provides plenty of internships to its student body in local doctors’ offices, along with field observations. Not only does the school work to equip students with a successful career, but to also provide health services to those in need with community service opportunities that work to give back to the community.

Western States Chiropractic College – Portland, OR

Founded in 1904, Western States Chiropractic College serves 475 students and values the patient, intellectual freedom, service, collaboration, and conservative care. They emphasize evidence-based care, logical thinking, and clinical expertise. It offers a four-year program for Doctor of Chiropractic degrees on its beautiful 22-acre campus. The school prides itself in being progressive with its teaching, integrating basic and clinical studies, paired with compassion.

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